Search Engine Optimization Plan

seoPage rank (PR) measures the quantity of incoming links to a given web page and their relative strength.when one page links to another ,it "casts a vote " for that page in the form of a Page Rank Value.Google page rank varies from 0(terrible)to 10 (ideal) .If you have lots of links from sites with low page ranks ,they will mean little to your page rank ,whereas if even a few links from other sites with good page ranks can make a difference Having a good page rank at Google is great ,as it will help you place above similar sites at Google (page rank is likely a strong part of the algorithm that decides placement when other factors are equal).Many experts consider the PageRank to be the most important factor in establishing the relevance of your web page for each particluar search phrase typed into the Google search box Google Basically takes into account the following on-page and off -page factors: The PageRank of the Linking page . Whether the linking page is on focus or off-focus .If you have a corporate website ,an on focus link wouid be a link from another corporate website.A link from a site about flowers wouid be consisdered off -focus . The number of outgoing links on the outgoing link page .A page with 500 outgoing links will not be considered as relevant as page with only 20 outgoing links . The quality of the incoming links directed at the website of the outgoing link. Does High PageRank always Guarantee Top Positions In Search Results? Google is known to look at these factors when ranking web page (A)Number and quality of the links from other sites; (B)Anchor text of the Links ; (C)Historical factors;