Search Engine Optimization Plan
  1. The Art of Simple Web DesignThe core of the “Save the Pixel” campaign for simple, beautiful web sites. Includes “Enough, and no more”, “Design the content, not the box” and more tips on design discipline.Download this chapter for free
  2. Why are we Here?Looks at getting clear about your purpose before you start designing, with practical tips on setting and defining useful goals.
  3. Make a Site for its VisitorsUnderstanding what people are really looking for when they go to a web site, and helping deliver win-win solutions.
  4. Spread the Smell of SuccessThe importance of creating a scent trail that keeps visitors believing that they’re on track and engaged with the site.
  5. The Simple Shall Inherit the World Wide WebProof of why simple works in web design, and why being brilliant doesn’t necessarily mean being clever.
  6. Getability and the BrandIntroduces getability as the vital factor in a successful web page, and how it relates to the brand. Includes a guide on defining or developing a brand.
  7. LayoutHow to arrange web pages so that they’re getable at every level, with clear real estate, a focal point, and a meaningful information cascade.
  8. NavigationA comprehensive guide to types of navigation, with a host of tips on what makes nav really work.
  9. NoticeabilityBalancing the visual impact of elements on screen to manage the visitor’s attention to optimise retention and success. Looks at size, contrast, boldness, colour, space, 3D effects, and movement.
  10. Give me SpaceReveals the Golden Rule of Spacing – how to arrange elements on screen for maximum readability and perfect meaning.
  11. Design your ContentSaving the pixel brings the focus on your content. The final chapter is full of tips and tricks for crafting powerful text and imagery that get your message across better.